Andy Mason's 20 year creative career has evolved naturally through multiple disciplines, culminating in a career as a freelance motion designer. An insatiable hunger for learning combined with boundless energy and a solid work ethic have been his driving forces.

His strong foundation in traditional media led to careers as a muralist, illustrator and caricaturist. As technology advanced, these disciplines naturally led to freelance careers in graphic design and animation, along with a bachelors degree in the latter. 
Lessons gained from each past creative endeavor carry through to his current work. Don't think for a second that he's done learning though. He is constantly studying new skills that will come in useful for future projects.

Current and former clients include NBC, Disney, Spillt, Motive Group, Tech Grayscale, Pepsi, NFL, Adult Swim, Horizon Organic Dairy, and SNOCRU, to name a few. Let's talk about adding your name to the list, shall we?